Dr. Fauci Explains How Unvaccinated Republicans Allow COVID Variants To Flourish


At the White House press briefing, Dr. Fauci explained that unvaccinated Americans are allowing COVID to mutate and create new variants.


Fauci was asked, “What do you see as an end game?  The 1917-1918 flu pandemic, it eventually evolved to be less lethal. But there are those who say we’re never going to get that far with this virus because we need more people vaccinated. What do you see as the end game?”


Fauci answered:

 I mean, the end game which we hope and I think will occur is that as we get more people vaccinated not only in this country but globally, we will see a situation where viruses will not have the opportunity that they have right now, to essentially freely distribute and freely circulate in society, both domestic society and global society. The more protection you get with vaccines, the less likelihood a virus has to do that, the less likelihood a virus has to mutate, the less likely you’re going to get a variant.

So one of the things we need to do about our long end game is to do the things we’ve been saying every single day. Not only for ourselves but internationally. And you know, we have done a lot and we’ll continue to do a lot to get lower and middle-income countries vaccinated. 

By not getting vaccinated, all Americans, but especially Republicans which are the bulk of unvaccinated Americans, are making COVID great again. The best chance that the nation and the world has of ending the pandemic is for people get their shots.

Natural immunity is not as effective as the vaccine. As the virus mutates, natural immunity is no defense from new variants.

Fauci went on to say that the pandemic will end, but his explanation made it clear those who refuse to get vaccinated are putting us all at risk for expose to future mutations and variants.


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