Documentary Filmmaker Will Cooperate With Georgia Criminal Investigation Into Trump


Documentary filmmaker Alex Holder has been contacted by Fulton County, Georgia prosecutors who are criminally investigating Trump, and he will cooperate.

CNN’s Jim Acosta reported:

Alex Holder has already testified and turned over his documentary footage to the 1/6 Committee, but prosecutors in Georgia are using his footage to see if there is more evidence to present to the special grand jury that Trump violated Georgia’s laws against election interference.

The bombshell 1/6 Committee hearings have been dominating the potential Trump crime headlines, but the criminal investigation into Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and Lindsey Graham is quietly churning forward beneath the choppy waters of Trump legal jeopardy.

The most immediately publicly known criminal threat that Trump faces is in Georgia.

The action by prosecutors to contact Holder is an example of how other investigations are having doors opened for them by the 1/6 Committee.

Trump has spent decades covering up his activities and keeping a lid on the boiling pot of his criminality, but it looks like the pot has boiled over as investigations are feeding off each other and have mushroomed beyond Trump’s control.

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