Dick And Liz Cheney Were The Only Republicans On The House Floor For 1/6 Moment Of Silence


Former VP Dick Cheney and his daughter Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) were the only two Republicans to show up for the 1/6 moment of silence.

Former VP Cheney told ABC News:

Rep. Cheney later tweeted a statement from her father:

If you would have told Democrats, liberals, and progressives back in 2006 that they would someday be nodding their heads in agreement with Dick and Liz Cheney on anything, they probably would have had you drug tested.

Liz and Dick Cheney are still Republicans, but the Republican Party isn’t Republican anymore.

It is the party of Trump. The Cheneys, just like the Bushes, have watched the Republican Party morph into an authoritarian domestic terror cell.

Republicans still exist in the United States, but the real Republicans who hold conservative values and put the country ahead of the party have been replaced by Donald Trump’s pod people.

It is a political invasion of the body snatchers. These people look like Republicans. They even have the same names as many Republicans, but they are definitely not the party of Dick and Liz Cheney any longer.

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