DC Trucker Convoy Defeated By National Cherry Blossom Festival


The DC trucker convoy is spending the weekend of the National Cherry Blossom Festival yelling at flower-loving passers-by about freedom.

Via: The Daily Beast media reporter Zachary Petrizzo:

Because of the Cherry Blossom Festival, the truckers are spending their time harassing tourists and residents who are trying to enjoy the flowers by yelling at them about freedom.

Freedom cuts both ways. The truckers have the freedom to hold their protest, but the people who want to enjoy the cherry blossoms also have the freedom to not be bothered by some pee-stained truckers who are mad about, well, nobody is really sure what they are mad about, but they are there.

The truckers need to go home. They tried to replicate the chaos in Ottawa and they failed. It didn’t work because they seem to have no clear reason or purpose for being in the DC area.

They all can probably sit on their porches and yell at their neighbors about freedom as they walk past their houses, and it would likely have the same level of impact that they are having currently.

Just when one thinks that the truckers can’t become more impotent, they yell at people trying to enjoy the cherry blossom festival.

At least, they haven’t assaulted anyone yet today.



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