CPAC Lawyers Up As 1/6 Committee Closes In On Coup Rally Organizers


At no point has any Trump-affiliated group banded together to help fund a legal defense for the insurrectionists themselves. But now that the House Select Committee is calling forth people that helped organize that rally, things are changing fast.

Two of  Donald Trump’s closest allies, Matt Schlapp and Mercedes Schlapp have taken the proactive step of organizing the “First Amendment Fund” to provide legal representation of four low-level January 6th organizers, according to Rolling Stone.

Tellingly, the money pooled isn’t being used to secure representation from Latham and Watkins or any of the other power Washington DC firms, but from the firm employing the hapless former acting-Attorney, General Mathew Whittaker, Kansas City’s Graves Garret. The choice as to the firm led some legal experts to speculate that the Trump allies want to take advantage of Whittaker’s experience of a former insider at DOJ.

According to the report, “[T]he four individuals who were part of this group and are being represented by the fund include Maggie Mulvaney, a former Trump campaign worker who’s also the niece of former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney; Tim Unes, who worked with Trump’s campaign and now runs an event management firm called Event Strategies Inc.; Justin Caporale, Unes’ partner at Event Strategies who formerly worked in Trump’s White House as a lead advance representative; and Megan Powers, a political consultant and erstwhile Trump campaign aide,”

The names are relatively anonymous, but the positions listed should positively leap off the page. Just days ago this site reported on the peculiar role of Event Strategies in current MAGA-Right politics and conferences. Event Strategies provided the most significant percentage of services for the January 6th rally and continues to be used almost exclusively in organizing “MAGA world” events.

Furthermore, the fact that the four people come from within the campaign and reach into the White House itself, inescapably form the impression that the  Schlapps – and whoever else might anonymously back them – believe that these four lower-level witnesses could be a gateway to the “higher-ups” in both the rally organization and the White House.

One attorney made it plainly clear that this effort had nothing to do with protecting rioters, but concerned “next level” players, the organizers:

“Oh, f*ck no. Their fund is to defend the people that put on the Trump rally.” 

Interesting. Top level MAGAs moved fast to secure defense when the Select Committee subpoenaed very low-level rally organizers and White House personnel despite the fact that during the impeachment proceedings, we were assured that the rally had nothing to do with the insurrection….

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