COVID Takes Out Republican Commissioner Who Went Rogue And Defied PA Pandemic Mandates


Lebanon County Commissioner Bill Ames who voted to defy Gov. Tom Wolf (D-PA) and reopen during the pandemic has died of COVID.

According to Ames’s obituary on

In May 2020, Ames and Phillips voted to approve a non-binding resolution that preemptively shifted the county into the “yellow phase” of Wolf’s phased plan to reopen the state for business after an April 15 order that shuttered non-life-sustaining businesses in an attempt to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the conversations leading to the vote, Ames said that the county needed to return to work in an expanded way and “gradually ramp up while taking all possible safety precautions.” The move received mixed reactions split along party lines at the time, and resurfaced as a major issue over the summer when Wolf used the go-yellow vote as basis to withhold $12.8 million in CARES Act funding from the county.

COVID And Natural Selection Team Up To Take Out Another Republican

Ames had announced on December 16 that he had contracted the virus, but it is unknown if he was vaccinated, but in Pennsylvania, 86% of the COVID deaths have been among the unvaccinated. 

When people refuse to disclose their vaccination, it is a good indicator that they are unvaccinated. The deaths among the vaccinated tend to be people who whose immune systems were severely compromised by something like cancer or another condition.

The odds are strong that Ames wasn’t vaccinated, and his death is a reminder that those unvaccinated people who are defying mandates and protocols  are the ones who are most likely to get COVID and die.


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