Coronavirus Keep Hitting America Badly, No Sign of Rebound Seen

coronavirus united states

Different from other parts of the world, the graph of coronavirus in America keep climbing up. While Canada, Britain, Germany, and Italy seem to be able to deal with the virus, things aren’t going the same for the U.S

Over the past 14 days, the number of new cases shows a shocking number. There are 22 percent new cases in the U.S over the last two weeks.
With the current rate of new cases, it seems like American can be the new Italy on coronavirus.

Government Failed to Prevent the Coronavirus from Spreading

Trump doesn’t seem to give a good definition to American Exceptionalism. Other than being the country with the highest coronavirus cases and death, political parties also make it hard for the country to fight the virus.

The authority doesn’t seem to have respect toward science in relation to coronavirus treatment. Besides, the country also shows high tolerance for the growing number of death due to the virus.

The issue starts at the top. If only Trump didn’t act so carelessly in dealing with the virus maybe his administration wouldn’t follow his stance.

Even the coronavirus task force only held a meeting twice a week. But what the public found exasperating is how they handle the virus. Instead of really put the effort to fight against the virus, the vice president is more busy making a statement on publication.

Trump also made an interview last week with Fox News saying that the virus is fading away. He even said that the use of masks could increase people’s risk of infection. A statement that is a complete opposite to all credible public health guidance

New York has reopened but this cause Arizona to become a hot spot. There are also a growing number in coronavirus cases in Florida, Texas, and some other states.

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo also fail to prevent the spread of the virus. He forces nursing home to take back residents who had been hospitalized for the virus. Even more, he forbid them to do the testing for those residents.

Cuomo’s order later found to contribute to the death of more than 6000 people. Only when the number of cases rises to a terrifying number did he imposed the lockdown.


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