Claire McCaskill Tells The DOJ To Get Moving And Prosecute Trump


Former senator Claire McCaskill told the D.O.J. to get moving and start prosecuting Trump.


During a conversation on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House about the D.O.J. investigating and prosecuting Trump and his anti-democracy gang, McCaskill said:

The Department of Justice is infamous for working so slowly, taking months when they don’t need to. Think how long it took them to make the decision to prosecute Steve Bannon. This was not a hard decision. This was not like some kind of extraordinary research that had to be done. Move it. My message to the Department of Justice is get on it. Do not act like feds here. Act like state prosecutors, go fast, do not take the time — don’t give the other side a month to answer a pleading. Go to the judges. 

We saw this Supreme Court go quickly when they wanted to hear the Texas abortion case They rocketed it up, that case. The federal judiciary can do it if they will collectively decide, this is an issue about power in our government permanently going forward. And if they don’t get moving, this is all about running out the clock. And I say to the January 6th committee and D.O.J., get going, guys. Quit stalling and treading. Go. 

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We don’t know what the D.O.J. is doing, but all indications suggest that they are not investigating the Trump coup or the masterminds of the 1/6 attack on the Capitol. There is no indication that they are investigating Trump for election interference in Georgia.

Time is of the essence, but there are too many Democrats in Congress and people at the Department of Justice who are treating the threat to democracy as business as usual.

McCaskill was right. The time to act is now, and the D.O.J. must quickly move.

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