Chuck Schumer Moves To Isolate MAGA Republicans


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) made it clear during a press conference that he intends to isolate MAGA Republicans in the next Congress.


Schumer said:

 The fact that we got the 51 votes, gives us just a great feeling, enthusiasm, unity, encouragement, in that way. And let me just add, our caucus has been deeply grateful for Vice President Harris’s constant schedule juggling to preside over a 50/50 Senate. She did a great job. We’re appreciative. It’s part of her job. But I think she’s done a lot of other good things. And now she’s going to have a little more time to do those things. Because the need for her to be here will be less.


Next, one of the things I hope to do as leader is, even in this new electoral climate, is reach out to Republicans. There are a good number of Republicans in the Senate and the House, who are not MAGA Republicans, who know that if the Republican Party follows the hard right, and the extreme members in their caucuses, that they’ll continue to lose ground as they’ve lost ground in 2020 and they lost ground in 2022 and in 2018, in the House. And it is my intention to reach out to them and say, how can we work in a bipartisan way? And you say, oh, that’ll never happen. Well look at what happened this summer with 50/50. Of the six major bills we passed, five were bipartisan. And it wasn’t that every Republican went along with us. But most did, enough did.

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One of the ways to defeat the MAGAs in Congress is to isolate them. There are many more non-MAGA members than there are Trump devotees. If Republicans and Democrats can unify on important issues, Trump’s fan club will not have the political power that it needs to do anything.

The strategy is to not give Trump’s MAGA the numbers that they need to be successful. The Senate has shown an ability to pass bipartisan legislation. Partisanship and division are oxygen for MAGA and through cooperation American democracy can be saved.

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