C-SPAN Just Called Kevin McCarthy’s Transparency Bluff


Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s new House rules call for more transparency, so C-SPAN sent a letter to McCarthy asking him to allow more cameras in the House.

Here is C-SPAN’s letter requesting more cameras:

C-SPAN Request for Ongoing Access to House Chamber

C-SPAN has made this request before, and they have been turned down. In their current letter, the network highlights the success of being able to have a few more cameras in the chamber to cover more than just the person speaking at the dias.

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The network was able to give the American people a more insightful and transparent view of the House, and how a part of the legislative branch operates. C-SPAN doesn’t run the current camera feed. The House majority controls the feed. C-SPAN is requesting the ability to place a few cameras in the House chamber to provide better coverage.

Kevin McCarthy’s new rules agreement made a big production out of transparency, which McCarthy seems to have undercut by making a secret deal with the far right that he hasn’t told the rest of his caucus about.

At some point, maybe members of the House will realize that more transparency will lead to more interest in Congress, and that will be a good thing to American democracy and building a more informed electorate.

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