Biden Turns The Tables And Hammers Socialist Republicans


President Biden turned the tables on Republicans as he called them socialists for voting against the infrastructure bill and then asking for money.


President Biden said:

CNN that says Republicans call Biden infrastructure program socialism. And then they ask for the money. It goes through all the Republicans with the most conservative Republicans call socialism, and how they are asking. There is a guy named Paul Gosar. He’s written three separate letters to the administration asking for projects in his district. He says it enhanced the quality of life, boost the economy. — says it’s all socialism.

Down the list, Kentucky representative Andy Barr, the biggest socialist agenda. Three different projects, he wants. Citing the importance of safety and growth in his district.

Rand Paul, I go down the list. Look it up. Socialism. I didn’t know there were that many socialist Republicans. Think about it. I’m serious. Let’s get serious about taking care of ordinary people. Folks, look, you can’t make this stuff up. You’ve got to say, I gotta say, I was surprised to see so many socialists in the  Republican caucus. Folks, here is the bottom line. Republicans take control of the congress, the victories we just one for the American people. They will be taken away.

The Republicans are socialists. By their own definition, Republicans want to give government resources to the wealthy and corporations and make workers and the poor pay for it through higher taxes. Republicans believe in socialism, by their definition, not the true definition of socialism. The difference is that they want socialism for the rich.

President Biden and the Democrats are using the GOP’s attacks against them. It turns out that Republicans like government money in their districts to build new roads, bridges, and schools.

Biden will make sure that voters know who the real socialists are, as the Republican attack is backfiring.

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