Biden Torches Rick Scott In Florida By Using His Own Words Against Him


At an event in Florida, President Biden used Sen. Rick Scott’s own words against him on Social Security and Medicare.

Video of Biden:

The President said:

 Folks here in Florida, you need to know, I mean, sincerely, you need to know this need to know why. Because of your own. Senator, senator Rick Scott, I have a brochure here. He’s in charge of electing Republicans in the Senate. Ahead of the campaign. And he laid out a clear plan. He said every five years, Social Security, Medicare would have to be reauthorized. This is from the brochure. 

Quote, all federal legislation, sunsets, means go out and goes out of existence in five years. If the law is worth keeping, Congress will pass it again. Every five years. The Congress has to vote to reauthorize Social Security, reauthorized.

It goes away. We’d have to vote to reauthorize Medicare, reauthorized veterans benefits go down the list. The very idea that a senator from Florida wants to cut Social Security, Medicare but they don’t just go where they can cut it, they can change it. Basically, the senator from Florida going after Medicare and Social Security.

You’ve been paying your Social Security your whole life. You earned it. Now, these guys want to take it away.

Rick Scott’s platform of killing Social Security and Medicare has been the gift that has kept on giving throughout the midterm election. Biden has been going around the country telling voters exactly what Republicans intend to try to do if they get control of both the House and the Senate.

Biden has been a solid messenger for Democrats, and if Republicans win control of all or part of Congress, the American people should expect the President to call out Republicans by name.

The President likes to promote bipartisanship, but he is demonstrating that he is equally skilled at the bare-knuckle brawling that is sometimes necessary in American politics.


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