Biden Mounts Massive Relief Effort To Combat COVID Surge


President Biden has deployed thousands of personnel along with 13,000 National Guard troops, and millions of pieces of PPE to fight the COVID surge.

The White House detailed the effort in information provided to PoliticusUSA:

  • The Biden Administration has shipped 1 million gloves, 342,000 masks, respirators, and face shields, and 40,000 gowns for frontline health care workers in the past two weeks.


  • Staff, supplies, and resources are currently being deployed across the country. For example


    • Arizona: On Christmas Eve, 20 FEMA paramedics began providing clinical support across the State, and next week, nearly 40 more medical personnel arrive to help administer treatments in Maricopa and Pima counties, as well as in Tribal communities.


    • Indiana: On Christmas Day, 23 military medical personnel started their mission at University Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.
    • New JerseyPennsylvania and WashingtonDC: On New Year’s Day, a new Federally-run free testing site will open in New Jersey; more sites will open across the next several days in Philadelphia and Washington, DC.
    • New Mexico: On Monday, 15 medical personnel from the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps arrived to provide surge support in Indian Country. Today, we’re sending 15 ventilators to the State, and next week, 12 Federal medical personnel will arrive to help get shots in arms.
    • New York: Last week, 60 FEMA medical personnel and 30 ambulances arrived to help transport patients to hospitals around the state and balance patient loads. And in New York City, the Administration has established nine Federally-run free testing sites, with three more sites opening on Sunday.
    • Wisconsin: On Friday, a 23-person military medical team is scheduled to start its support mission at Bellin Hospital in Green Bay.

To date, the Federal Government has helped more than 30 States and territories, and deployed over 2,100 Federal personnel and thousands of ventilators, ambulances, and other critical supplies. In addition, more than 13,000 National Guard members have been activated in 48 states to support vaccinations, testing, and clinical care. These deployments are fully paid for by the Federal Government — thanks to the President’s actions.

Biden Is Showing Republicans What A Real Federal Pandemic Response Looks Like

President Biden isn’t making states fight each other for life-saving resources. He isn’t making the states take all of the responsibility because he wants none of the blame. The President is sending aid to states whether they voted for him or not.

The President takes a sworn oath to protect the nation and its citizens. Joe Biden is protecting Americans and delivering a real response to the crisis. Doing one’s job isn’t flashy or the kind of thing that the corporate media has anything more than a passing interest in, but President Biden is saving lives, and taking the politics out of the pandemic.

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