Biden Just Took On Republicans And Big Oil In Major Way


During a speech at the White House, President Biden made it clear that climate change measures don’t cause rising gas prices.

Video of President Biden:

President Biden said:

I also want to briefly address one myth about inflated gas prices. They are not due to environmental measures. My effort to combat climate change is not raising the price of gas. We are increasing its availability. What it is doing, it is increasing the availability of jobs. Jobs, building electric cars like the one I drove at the GM factory in Detroit last week. 

For the hundreds of thousands of folks who brought one of those electric cars, they are going to save $800-$1000 in fuel costs this year. We are going to put those savings within reach of more Americans and create jobs installing solar panels, batteries, and electric heat pumps, jobs making those clean power generating devices. And by the way, deploying these technologies for each home, where they are installed, is going to save folks an additional hundreds of dollars in energy costs every year. Let’s do that. Let’s beat climate change with more extensive innovation and opportunities. We can make our economy and consumers less vulnerable to these sorts of price spikes.

Climate Change Measures Will Lower Gas Prices

The President’s plan is common sense. The way to make America less dependant on Big Oil is to reduce consumption of oil by embracing alternative fuel sources.

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The United States doesn’t actually own the oil that it exports. The oil belongs to the oil companies, so it is inaccurate to suggest that America is “dependent on foreign oil,’ because that statement assumes that there is domestic oil that could stay in the United States.

There is no oil to stay in the United States unless the US government would take over the means of production, which suggests that Republicans want a socialist government takeover of the US oil industry.

Competition is good. Republicans and Big Oil are attempting to keep competition out of the energy marketplace, which is why they are lying about climate change provisions causing rising gas prices.



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