Biden Drops The Hammer And Will Penalize Employers Who Violate Vaccine Mandate On 1/10


The Biden administration will begin penalizing companies that violate the vaccine mandate on January 10th.

The AP reported:

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration said Saturday that it would not issue citations tied to its coronavirus vaccination mandate before Jan. 10 so that companies have time to adjust to and implement the requirements.

The federal agency separately said there would be no citations of companies regarding its testing requirements before Feb. 9.

The mandate will cover 84 million indoor workers and is estimated to save 6,500 lives over six months. It is also estimated that the mandate will prevent 250,000 hospitalizations.

The vast majority of Americans have had enough of the unvaccinated, holding back the country and preventing life from returning to normal. Refusing to get vaccinated is not an individual choice because the decision could sicken and kill others.

Unless the Supreme Court intervenes, and SCOTUS has consistently ruled in favor of vaccine mandates, the party is over for 84 million unvaccinated Americans on 1/10.


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