Biden Does More To Stand Up To China Than Trump Ever Did


Trump tried flashy moves like tariff wars that failed, while Biden has taken real action against China’s tech sector that will derail their economy.

Politico reported on something that is unknown to most Americans:

The new federal rules, executive orders, and pending legislation aimed at China’s high-tech sectors, which began this fall and will continue in 2023, are the culmination of years of debate spanning three administrations. They represent an escalation of former President Donald Trump’s tariffs and trade disputes against Beijing that could ultimately do more to slow Chinese technological and economic development — and divide the two economies — than anything the 45th president did while in office.

The new strategy, which the Biden administration internally calls its “protect agenda,” is being rolled out this fall and winter in a series of executive actions. In October, the Commerce Department issued new rules aimed at cutting off Chinese firms’ ability to manufacture advanced computer chips. They will soon be followed by an executive order creating new federal authority to regulate U.S. investments in China — the first time the federal government will exert such power over American industry – and an executive order to limit the ability of Chinese apps like TikTok to collect data from Americans.

Trump never had a comprehensive strategy to deal with China. In contrast, President Biden has boosted U.S. technology and manufacturing domestic investment while going after Chinese cheating and regulating U.S. investment. Congress has also been involved by creating bipartisan legislation that dovetails with Biden’s goal of increasing American competitiveness.

President Biden could help America regain its competitive edge over the world, not with flashy gestures, but with actual policy. Biden’s goal is to make the U.S. the world leader in manufacturing, green energy, and technology. It is a bold vision that will create stable, well-paying American jobs and quietly make America stronger while ensuring that the cheaters do not win.

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