Biden Does More For Veterans In A Day Than Trump Did In 4 Years


President Biden signed legislation to look at disparities in VA disability ratings and benefits, get medical military personnel jobs at federal facilities, promote tuition fairness for military family survivors and provide moms who serve with a wide range of programs and benefits.

Video clip of President Biden:

President Biden said in part:

In a moment, I’m going to have the honor of signing into law four bills that the women and men in this room had — have written and gotten passed — bipartisan bills to honor one truly sacred obligation we have as a nation.  We have many obligations, but we only have one truly sacred obligation, in my view, and that is prepare those we send into harm’s way, care for their families when they’re gone, and care for them and their families when they’re home. 
And that’s a — that’s a lifetime commitment — a lifetime commitment the nation owes to every one of our veterans, and it’s one that I embrace as Commander-in-Chief.  For me, for Jill, and for the entire Biden family, it’s also personal.  And it’s a commitment that we are helping to keep today because of the leadership of the women and men in this room.

Trump spent four years insulting veterans, trying to privatize the VA, and attempting to take away their benefits. Trump also took credit for Veterans’ Choice, which Obama signed in 2014.

America now has a president who understands veterans’ sacrifices, and he wants to make sure that the nation lives up to its sacred commitment to them.

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