Biden Denies Peter Navarro And Mike Flynn Executive Privilege On 1/6 Investigation


President Biden has denied Peter Navarro and Mike Flynn the claim of executive privilege before the 1/6 Committee.

Axios reported:

President Biden will deny the shield of executive privilege for two top advisers to former President Donald Trump — his first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and former trade adviser Peter Navarro — in the House select committee’s Jan. 6 investigation, Axios has learned.

The move will likely force Flynn and Navarro to make a choice: cooperate with the select committee or face potential criminal referral from Congress to the Department of Justice.

Peter Navarro And Mike Flynn Can’t Hide From The 1/6 Committee

If Navarro and Flynn refuse to cooperate, they both will likely be facing a criminal referral to the Department of Justice. Peter Navarro was involved in the planning and plotting of the coup and has implicated over 100 Congressional Republicans in the coup plot. 

Mike Flynn tried to blackmail election officials into reinstating Trump.

Both Flynn and Navarro were advisers to Trump. They have information about the coup plot, and neither one of them will be able to hide behind executive privilege, thanks to Joe Biden.

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