Ben Sasse Praises Ketanji Brown Jackson Then Says He’ll Vote No


Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) praised Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson and then said that he would vote against her Supreme Court confirmation.

Via: CNN’s Manu Raju:

Sasse is a microcosm of the rumblings coming out of Senate Republicans for days. Many of them voted to confirm Judge Jackson in the past. They can’t think of a good reason not to vote for her for the Supreme Court, so they either make up a fake reason like she is soft on child predators or they do what Sasse did and say something vague like “judicial philosophy,” shrug, and vote no.

Republicans live in a world where they, like Sasse, pretend to be upset by either what Brett Kavanaugh is accused of doing or the way he was “treated” at his confirmation hearing, but no matter what the words say, the vote is the same.

Sasse is a graduate of the Susan Collins School For Wayward Boys And Fake Moderates.

Sen. Sasse will make statements that sound moderate, but like Collins, he will vote straight down the line with the rest of his party.

No one should be suckered by Sasse because his actions definitely speak louder than his words.


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