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current ratio is a liquidity ratio that indicates a company’s ability to meet its short and long-term obligations. The ratio compares the assets that will be liquid over a period of approximately twelve months with the assets that must be paid over this period.

Why is it called an acid test?

The acid test report gets its name from the historical use of acid to test metals for gold. If acid was applied to a metal and it did not corrode it, that meant it was real gold. However, if the metal failed the test, it was considered worthless.

What is an acid test product?

The litmus test, or quick reason, is to assess a company’s balance sheet to see if it has enough funds to cover its current debt. It is considered more useful than the frequently used current ratio because the litmus test excludes stocks, which can be difficult to liquidate quickly.

What is the acid test relationship example?

The litmus test is whether a company can repay such debt immediately using cash or short-term assets. It is a measure of a company’s short-term financial health.

What does acid test mean?

For example, if a company’s acid test ratio is the figure shows that the company has twice the dollar value of liquid assets than current liabilities. If current liabilities are $100,000 and acid test ratio is that would put liquid assets at $200,000.

How do you find the litmus test?

an experience or situation that proves how skillful or efficient someone or something is. My first really stressful day when things go wrong – that will be the real litmus test.

What is the litmus test in e-commerce?

It is calculated by dividing the sum of cash, cash equivalents, ketable securities or short-term investments and current accounts debit by total current liabilities.

How can a company improve acid test rate?

ACID (Atomicity, Coherence, Isolation, and Durability) is an acronym and mnemonic for learning and remembering the four main attributes guaranteed to any transaction by a transaction manager (also known as a transaction monitor).

Why is the quick relationship called acid test?

Here are three ways to improve a company’s litmus test score:
Pay off your debts quickly. A key method to improve your acid test rate is to keep company liabilities under control. .
2) Increase inventory turnover and sales. .
3) Reduction of invoice collection time.

How does acid testing work on gold?

Since it indicates the company’s ability to instantly use its cash equivalents (assets that can be quickly converted into cash) to pay its current liabilities, it is also called the acid test ratio. A “litmus test” is a slang term for a quick test designed to produce instant results.


The k is tested by applying nitric acid, which dissolves the k in anything other than gold. If the k persists, it is tested by applying aqua regia (nitric acid and hydrochloric acid). If the k is removed, this test dissolves the gold and proves the item to be real gold.


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