AZ GOP Crashes And Burns As Mark Kelly Leads By 8 In Senate Race


A new Fox News poll revealed that Sen. Mark Kelly (D) leads Blake Masters (R) 50%-42% in the Arizona Senate race.

Fox News reported on the poll:

Kelly’s support is just shy of his 2020 vote share when he narrowly beat Republican Martha McSally (51.2% to 48.8%). 

Kelly’s lead comes from 95% support among Democrats.  Masters fails to garner the same party loyalty, as only 82% of Republicans back him, with more than a handful defecting to Kelly (10%).

Voters ages 65 and over (+15) and rural voters (+8), two groups that have leaned more conservative in the past, put their support behind the Democrat.  Men (+8) and White evangelical Christians (+49) break for the Republican.

A sign of trouble for the GOP can be found in voters without a college degree, which has become an important Republican voting bloc is split 45%/46% between Kelly and Masters.

The Pennsylvania Senate race looks bad for the Republican Party, and if Sen. Mark Kelly wins in Arizona, it will make Democrats a virtual lock to keep the Senate majority no matter what happens in other Senate races around the country.

Mark Kelly’s seat is one that Republicans have been targeting for years, so the nomination of Blake Masters looks like it is leading the party toward total failure.

If Arizona falls out of the reach of the GOP, Democrats will be in a position to keep their Senate majority.


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