As His Supporters Die Daily, Trump Brags About Not Believing In Masks


Trump resurfaced on Fox News to brag about not listening to Fauci and declare that he’s not a big believer in masks.


Trump said on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo:

 If you think about it, he wanted to keep our country open to China, and I closed it. He wanted to keep our country open to Europe, and I closed it. He talked about masks being no good — well, I’m not a huge mask believer, but I think they have some purpose. And now he’s a radical masker. 

Everything he’s done — he’s a great promoter. He’s a bad pitcher. He was telling me what a great athlete he was. I said you can’t throw a baseball 15 feet. Other than President Obama, it may have been the worst throw I’ve ever seen. No, I think I did the right thing. Less of a firestorm, now because he’s been wrong so often, but if you think of it, he wanted to keep our country each to all these places — open to all these places, and I didn’t do it. 

Trump Is Running A Death Cult

Delta and Omicron are going to continue crushing red areas of the country that heavily supported Donald Trump. Red areas have a much lower vaccination rate than swing or Biden counties.

One of the few things that the unvaccinated could do to protect themselves is to wear masks, and Trump is encouraging them not to do it.

Trump has political ambitions for 2024, but if he continues to kill off his supporters with dangerous and stupid advice, there will be no one left to vote for him.

Donald Trump is running a death cult, and it seems like his goal is to kill as many Americans as possible.


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