Arrest in Jersey City shooting after man’s phone number found in shooter’s pocket

Arrest in Jersey City shooting after man's phone number found in shooter's pocket

On Saturday, a man from New Jersey was taken behind bars in association to a fatal shooting in the New Jersey City previous week which killed 4 people.

Investigations discovered the man’s contact no. in the pant pocket of a gunman who had opened fire in the Jewish market.

The FBI agents arrested Ahmed A-Hady, a 35-year-old man from Keyport and charged him with possessing a weapon while being an earlier convicted felon, said the Attorney’s Office for New Jersey District in a press release.

There were two gunmans Francine Graham and David Anderson involved in the mass shooting on Tuesday, as per officials. The attack is believed to be an anti-Semitic crime which now is being probed as a domestic terrorism act.

Graham and Anderson, both were found dead post a hour long mass shooting with the police, said the officials.

The law enforcement discovered a note in Anderson’s pants pocket which contained a contact no. as well as address from Keyport, NJ which ultimately led the investigators to find A-Hady.

As per the US Attorney’s Office, A-Hady was discovered to have bought firearms in the year 2007 after a conviction for trying to get a controlled harmful analogue or substance by fraud back in 2012.


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