America Already Hates The New House Republican Majority


A new poll shows that the American people already overwhelmingly disapprove of the incoming Republican House majority.

The data from Navigator Research:

Republicans have taken over the House majority yet, and they are already reviled by more than 60% of those surveyed. The numbers are only expected to get worse once Republicans take over and spend all of their time investigating Joe Biden and launching impeachment hearings against Biden administration officials.

While Republicans are starting off underwater, the new House Democratic leadership is hammering home the message that Democrats are committed to working to make life better for everyday Americans.

It doesn’t matter who becomes speaker if that person is from the Republican caucus. The Republicans have set themselves up to fail. The House majority is going to go from doing the work of the American people to pandering to Fox News. It will be the Fox News majority with House Republicans trying to one-up each other for airtime.

The GOP is out of step with America, and it looks like the majority of the country is already counting down the days until they can end the House Republican reign.

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