Alvin Bragg Shoots Down Jim Jordan’s Demand For Testimony Next Week


Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg told House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) that he is willing to cooperate but only after Trump has been sentenced and the appeals process is underway.

Jordan demanded that Alvin Bragg testify before Congress next week, and here is Bragg’s response:

Bragg’s response can be summarized as he believes in transparency, is open to cooperating with the committee, but there is zero chance that the DA is going to say anything about Trump’s case before the ex-president is sentenced and the appeals process is rolling.

Bragg knew what Jim Jordan was trying to do. Chairman Jordan was obviously attempting to meddle in the Trump case to influence the ex-president’s sentencing. DA Bragg wasn’t about to play that game and is fully aware that Jordan has no oversight authority or power over Bragg

All Jordan can do is request that Bragg appear to testify. If Jim Jordan tried to compel Bragg to testify in any way, the Ohio Republican would lose in court.

Alvin Bragg can tell Jim Jordan to go pound sand, or he can nicely suggest that he will get to Jordan when he has time, and there is absolutely nothing that Jordan can do about it except go on Fox News and Newsmax and complain.

Jordan’s latest attempt at helping Trump has gone nowhere.

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