Alleged Wife And Child Abuser Senate Candidate Eric Greitens Calls For Gun Violence In Disturbing New Ad


Republican Senate Eric Greitens has released a new ad calling for RINOs to be hunted.

The ad can be viewed below:

Greitens is the disgraced former governor of Missouri whose ex-wife has claims to have photographic evidence of his physical abuse of her and their children. 

Given the fact that he is an alleged domestic abuser, his call for his supporters to take up arms and hunt down Republicans who they feel aren’t sufficiently MAGA enough fits the profile of a violent individual to the letter.

Republicans are fetishizing gun violence.

Democracy isn’t good enough. If Greitens can’t win at the ballot box, he is going to grab his gun and find another way.

The ad is an extension of the 1/6 attack Trump mentality.

Vote Vets pointed out that Greitens violated DOD policy by identifying himself as a Navy SEAL and using military uniforms without a disclaimer:

Greitens should not be allowed to own a gun if he is a domestic abuser, much less be able to run for Senate with campaign ads that encourage violence against others.

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