Alexander Vindman Sues Trump And Donald Trump Jr. For Witness Intimidation


Alexander Vindman, a retired United States Army lieutenant colonel, filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump Jr., and others for witness intimidation.

The main allegations of Vindman’s complaint according to a statement provided to PoliticusUSA by Protect Democracy, who filed the suit on behalf of Vindman:

  • “As the result of being called to testify before Congress, Lt. Col. Vindman immediately became the target of a dangerous campaign of witness intimidation by President Trump and a group of conspirators. The conspirators agreed on common, unlawful objectives—to deter Lt. Col. Vindman from testifying in the future and to retaliate against him after he did so.”

  • “Defendants and other conspirators acted on their agreed-upon objectives of intimidation and retaliation through: meetings to coordinate strategy regarding impeachment witnesses, including Lt. Col. Vindman; preparing, issuing, and using talking points aimed at coordinating and advancing false narratives about Lt. Col. Vindman’s loyalty to the United States; publishing, repeating, and amplifying false claims that Lt. Col. Vindman was a spy for Ukraine and had disparaged the United States to foreign officials; leaking classified information for the purpose of furthering the false disloyalty narrative; falsely accusing Lt. Col. Vindman of lying under oath; publicly removing Lt. Col. Vindman and his brother, who was serving as an attorney for the NSC, from their White House jobs; and attempting to derail Lt. Col. Vindman’s promotion to full Colonel.”

  • “The campaign destroyed Lt. Col. Vindman’s ability to serve in any national security position or foreign affairs role, and indeed, to continue the career he had pursued for his entire adult life. Ultimately, after his career was effectively taken from him by the pervasive, false attacks on his loyalty and service, Lt. Col. Vindman was left with little choice but to retire from the military altogether.”


Lt. Col. Vindman Is Trying To Save Democracy

Retired Lt. Col. Vindman wrote in USA Today, “We can’t have a functional government or healthy democracy if witnesses can’t testify, and if federal officials can’t do their jobs, without fear of payback. I filed this lawsuit because I believe in the active role all citizens must play in upholding our democracy . . . I hope this lawsuit will shed more light on the abuses that are chipping away at our democracy and eventually bring a measure of justice to those who are responsible.”

The judicial system has so far been the most effective branch in the government when it comes to upholding and defending democracy. Lt. Col. Vindman is taking a stand against the Trumps, their cronies, and Fox News, and justice may finally be done.

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