Adam Schiff Says Trump Is The Focal Point Of The 1/6 Investigation


1/6 Committee member Rep. Adam Schiff said that the role of Trump and his advisors in the 1/6 attack is the focal point of the investigation.

Video of Rep. Schiff on CBS’s Face The Nation:

Transcript via CBS’s Face The Nation:

MARGARET BRENNAN: So, exactly what degree of coordination have you seen so far, particularly between those within the Trump White House political operatives and the 725 people that the- that have been charged by the Justice Department?

REP. SCHIFF: Well, this is really a focal point of our investigation, and that is what was the role of the former president, what was the role of his aides and advisors? Certainly, they were integrally involved in many of those lines of effort. In terms of the actual violent attack on the Capitol, how much expectation of violence was there? How much was that part of the plan, either spontaneously or in terms of any predisposition towards violence that day? That is still a matter under deep investigation. But we intend to use every effort to get out the full facts and expose them to the American people and take legislative action to protect the country going forward. But that issue, that is what was the White House role in what happened on the 6th that led to the first violent attack in a century and a half, if not longer, is at the core of our investigation.

The 1/6 Committee Is Investigating Trump and His Cronies

The press conference that Trump is holding on 1/6 is all about the failed former twice impeached president trying to push back on the investigation. Nothing has changed in Trump’s mind. He still thinks that he is his best PR person, but the 1/6 Committee is locked in on Trump and there could be a criminal referral in his future.

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