Adam Kinzinger Shreds Madison Cawthorn With Just 8 Words


As Rep. Madison Cawthorn tweeted a not-so-subtle attack on the federal law enforcement agencies that could be investigating him, Rep. Adam Kinzinger shot him down.

The exchange:

Cawthorn’s comments were straight from the Trump playbook of smearing anyone that could be investigating him. Rep. Cawthorn is already dealing with a lawsuit in North Carolina that is trying to get him disqualified from the ballot in the state due to his participation in Trump’s 1/6 insurrection incitement rally.

Rep. Cawthorn has also promised that another 1/6 attack is coming. 

Rep. Kinzinger is a member of the 1/6 Committee and likely has knowledge of any role that Cawthorn may have played in the Capitol attack planning. Even if Cawthorn had no involvement in the coup plot, he remains a vocal supporter of political violence.

Adam Kinzinger wasn’t putting up with any of Madison Cawthorn’s Trumpian clown antics, and with just eight little words, he put the mini-Trump wannabe in his place.

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