2nd Senate Republican Questions Impartiality of Impeachment Trial

2nd Senate Republican Questions Impartiality of Impeachment Trial

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine has criticized a few of her Senate associates for seemingly prejudging the evidence in President Trump’s impeachment proceedings. This makes Collins the second Senate Republican to question the impartiality of the impeachment trial and Sen. Mitch McConnell’s vow to work along with White House.

The impeachment rules need a majority vote. Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska said a few days ago that she was very disturbed over McConnell’s pledge to coordinate along White House for setting the terms and conditions of the impeachment trial.

Both Senators Collins and Murkowski also provided non-committal positions for calling witnesses at the impeachment trial. Moreover, both the senators have also questioned as to why the White House didn’t go to the court when the admin officials avoided subpoenas.

With Murkowski and Collins both doubting the approach of their leaders, scrutiny will drop upon Republicans such as Sen. Mitt Romney as well as Sen. Lamar Alexander. Both Alexander and Romney may pressurize the Democratic and Republican leaders to work the trial’s terms in a manner they did during President Bill Clinton’s trial in 1999.

Based on her knowledge on the Clinton impeachment trial, Collins further said that she is open to hearing out from the witnesses during Trump’s impeachment proceedings.


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