1/6 Defendant Begs For Leniency And Says Supporting Trump Was A Bad Decision


In a letter to a judge, a 1/6 attack defendant said that he made a series of bad decisions, including supporting Trump.

Read the letter below:

It would be beyond nice if Trump supporters could come to the realization that supporting Trump is a bad decision before they engage in acts of domestic terrorism while attempting to destroy democracy.

The concept is not complicated. Following Donald Trump is the sort of decision that could ruin or the case of the pandemic, cost a person their life.

One wonders if defendants would be having these come-to Jesus moments if they were not looking at the possibility of being sent to jail and having a criminal record for the rest of their lives.

Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump. He incited the insurrection then went back to the White House to watch the carnage on television.

Trump will never be there for them, and these people threw their lives away for a liar who doesn’t care if they live or die.

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