1/6 Committee Releases Bombshell Evidence Of Trump Coup Participation


The 1/6 Committee has released a text to Mark Meadows stating that Trump participated in a coup plotting call.

The text:


The 1/6 Committee has the evidence directly from the coup plotters that Trump participated in the coup. Trump was there. Trump was participating in a treasonous plot to destroy American democracy and keep himself in power.

Why was Trump addressing a meeting of coup plotters if he wasn’t involved in the coup?

Republicans have said that the 7-hour gap in Trump’s 1/6 phone records is normal because he always violated the Presidential Records Act. The DOJ is actively investigating the role of officials in Trump’s orbit in the plot. Attorney-General Garland needs to expand that investigation to get to the next step up in the food chain because it is clear that the plotters didn’t stop at a level below the Oval Office.

The plotting involved the President Of The United States working with his accomplices to overturn a democratic election.





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