1/6 Committee Member Says They Expect To Beat Trump In Executive Privilege Lawsuit


Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA) who serves on the 1/6 Committee said that the committee expects to win the Trump executive privilege lawsuit.

Video of Rep. Aguilar:

Aguilar said when asked on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House if he thinks the Committee will win the executive privilege lawsuit, “We do. We think that it was a very thoughtful brief that the staff put together and argued incredibly well. We expect a positive result. Our goal is to produce a document, gather as much information as possible in those documents from the national archives that will help tell the story of January 5th and January 6th, rallies and insurrection, and assault on democracy. The more information, the better. That’s why these documents are so important. “

One could view Mark Meadows’ decision to cooperate as him reading the tea leaves and understanding that Trump’s executive privilege claim is going to fall apart, so for someone like Meadows, who sees himself as having a political future made the calculated decision to play ball with the 1/6 Committee.

Trump is going to lose his executive privilege lawsuit, and the 1/6 Committee will have the call logs and documents that the failed former president is trying to hide.


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