1/6 Committee Is Already Getting Documents That Trump Tried To Hide


Thanks to the Supreme Court rejecting his executive privilege claim, the 1/6 Committee is already getting documents that Trump tried to hide.

After the SCOTUS ruling, the Committee tweeted:

Trump is trying to run Liz Cheney out of the Republican Party, and she is going to have access to over 700 pages of possibly incriminating documents that Trump tried to hide.

Donald Trump lost at the Supreme Court for the same reason that he lost the case in the lower courts. He could not provide any reason why the documents should be hidden from public view. It turns out that wanting to hide information from investigators because it is bad for you is not a valid legal argument.

The Committee probably had a lot of the information in those documents from witness testimony, but the docs represent physical proof of what Trump was doing and what was happening at the White House before, during, and after the Capitol attack.

The 1/6 investigation has taken a huge leap forward, and Trump’s idea of executive privilege for life was crushed by the Supreme Court.

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