1/6 Committee Devastates Trump As Poll Shows Massive Number Of Americans Think He Misled Nation


A new poll released before the next 1/6 Committee hearing revealed that the hearings have been politically devastating for Donald Trump.

The 1/6 Committee’s Message Is Reaching Voters

Politico reported on the results of the latest Politico/Morning Consult Poll:

(1) Sixty-six percent of voters say Trump attempted to overturn the 2020 election;

(2) Sixty-six percent say he claimed the election was fraudulent without evidence, and;

(3) Fifty-nine percent say he misled the public about the outcome of the election.

An interesting nugget from the crosstabs: Forty-four percent of Republicans say Trump lied about the election results. That’s up seven points since the end of June.


Do you believe Donald Trump should run for president in the 2024 election? 

  • Yes: 35% (definitely: 25%; probably: 10%)
  • No: 61% (definitely not: 48%; probably not: 13%)

A Key Difference Between Trump And Biden Heading Into 2024

Biden is getting blamed for inflation, even though people who understand how inflation works know that no president can control inflation. A key difference between Biden and Trump is that Biden’s problems are all centered around the pandemic shocks to the economy. When inflation goes down, Biden’s political fortunes and outlook will improve.

His scandals and behavior are undoing Trump. The declining numbers are going to follow him if he runs in 2024. Trump has never been popular, and his polling floor starts at a lower place than Biden’s.

People shoveling dirt on Biden’s political grave are making a huge mistake. It is too soon to declare the President’s reelection hopes DOA.

The 1/6 Committee Hearings Have Been Politically Devastating For Trump

The Politico/Morning Consult Poll is proof that the 1/6 Committee hearings have done severe political damage to Trump. His decision to force Kevin McCarthy to pull Republicans off the Committee has backfired. Instead of destroying the investigation’s credibility, Trump’s move allowed the Committee to freely pursue the truth with no pushback from Trump loyalists on the panel.

The Big Lie is being disproven. The American people are paying attention, and Donald Trump’s dream of returning to the White House looks like it is sinking fast.

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