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The Cloud Provides Law Firms a Safe Place to Work

Introduction The lifeblood of the legal industry was once paper, but today, though paper still plays a role, most legal content is...

Zero Touch is the Logical Next Step for the Zero Trust Cloud 

Related Articles Divining the future is tricky business. But as several trends start to coalesce around cloud,...

Nine Steps You Can Take Today to Safeguard Your Law Firm’s Data

Related Articles Did you know there’s a cyber attack every 39 seconds? And hackers often target businesses...

Latest news

Bentonville Man Found Guilty of Business Operations and Non-Commercial Soliciting | USAO-WDAR

HARRISON – A federal magistrate judge convicted a Bentonville man yesterday on one count of engaging in or soliciting business inside a national...

Republicans In Shambles As They Quickly Toss Loser Herschel Walker Overboard

Republicans are wasting no time blaming Herschel Walker...

Former Assistant Atlanta City Attorney and Police Officer Charged in $7 Million PPP Fraud Scheme | OPA

A federal grand jury returned an indictment today charging a Georgia woman with a scheme to defraud the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), a...
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