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Jerome Knyszewski

Founder and CEO of HeavyShift Marketing

Bringing to you some of the latest news on business and innovation is Founder and CEO of Heavyshift Marketing Jerome Knyszewski, the newest addition to the InstaTribune Contributors Team!

Jerome Knyszewski joins the InstaTribune Contributors Team with his extensive experience in Online Reputation Management, Marketing, Business Strategy, SEO, and so much more. His daily work sees him working with and consulting some of the biggest innovators in a variety of industries. Including Maropost, one of the fastest-growing marketing automation platforms in North America, and highly regarded for its uniquely unified customer engagement platform; O.T.T. SEO, the client-focused SEO international digital marketing agency; and The Oracles, a group that was founded with the intent of helping the world’s leading entrepreneurs grow their businesses and achieve rapid success that much sooner.


From this point on, Contributor Jerome Knyszewski will be able to share valuable insights to our dear InstaTribune readers on the subject of growing a business, the creation and managing of an online presence, and the fine art of weaving a narrative that will launch your brand to the highest peak.

As a believer in the vision of innovation and transparency that InstaTribune prizes above all else. We have high hopes for this new partnership with now VIP Author Jerome Knyszewski!


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Internet Marketing For

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Internet Marketing For Local Business Owners: Survival Guide: Enter the Digital Age, Successfully: Slash Your Advertising Budget While Getting More Fresh Leads & New Customers” (February 2011) Authored by Jerome Knyszewski

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“In an online world where many unqualified, untested and unproven people refer to themselves as ‘experts,’ I’m proud to be associated with someone like Jerome Knyszewski who has true expertise and a great track record in online reputation management as well as other facets of online marketing! He’s an honest, hype-free teacher and service provider.”
THOM SCOTT Author/Professor

“When I began focusing on working with local small business owners and entrepreneurs, I became aware that reputation management was an essential part of the service and training that I’d need to deliver. I was not sure where to get this information and a highly respected marketer referred me to Jerome. His product was detailed but concise in its delivery and I was quickly able to get up to speed with reputation management. The information from Jerome’s product allowed me to make an effective presentation to a small business owner and allowed me to be the Expert. As a Marketer, Jerome is one of those genuine persons of integrity you want to hang around.”


Relationship Marketing Strategist

“I have collaborated with Jerome on some projects for my clients and he is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Reputation Marketing. He has helped my clients retain their good reputation online. He is easy to work with and has excellent communication skills. I highly recommend him.”