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David Seruya

Founder & CEO of ServicePlus Home Warranty

David Seruya is an entrepreneur that pays very close attention to his people. He believes in the virtues of hard work and instills upon his team the importance of finding a balance in their personal and professional lives to encourage a steady but swift development.

He happened upon the home warranty industry because of a recommendation from a friend turned business partner, and has been working hard to accumulate expertise in the field ever since. As a result, David Seruya now runs ServicePlus Home Warranty as a founder and its CEO. He’s given the role all his attention and expended all of the experience he cultivated throughout his years in the home warranty industry to make sure that this venture succeeds.

“I don’t have a perfectly clean track record. I’ve had a business fail on me before, and it hit me as hard as it would anyone else. However, that doesn’t mean that I stopped pursuing my goals. No, rather than give up, I was only encouraged to learn from my mistakes. 

If what you’re looking for is success, then you need to keep trying. Always remember that failure is a part of success and that only by accepting your losses will you be able to improve and achieve ultimate victory over your competitors.” — David Seruya

Reviews, Testimonials
& Recommendations

David Seruya is a well-rounded business man with an eye for the big picture. He’s had experience in every market under sun, and can tell you what to do if your company needs some advice on how best handle certain situations or markets! David also takes pleasure working alongside others – he makes them feel welcome right away so they’re happy being at their job all day long too (even though mine might be different). There aren’t many people out here doing work like this guy–and I’m proud that my firm has someone as reliable


Jack R.

ServicePlus Employee

David Seruya is not just another businessman. He understands the big picture, making him an invaluable asset to anyone who needs help in this industry!
I’ve been able relieve stress thanks David’s knowledge of home warranty services — he truly has my back when it comes down protecting what matters most.


Eric Graves
Real Estate Agent

The technicians came out on the day dispatched. They were here after hours, and were polite, clean and respectful. We could not ask for a better service from someone. Thank you



ServicePlus Customer