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Al Paterson

Al is a business owner and writer. He has more than 15 years of experience in the corporate world, including roles in sales, marketing, and management. In recent years, he has turned his focus to writing, penning articles on a variety of topics including business, finance, and self-improvement.

Canadian Accounting Software

Introduction Top 10 most used accounting software in Canada. 1. Sage Cloud 50. Sage 50 account summary. 2. New books. 3. Free agent. 4. Zoho...

Unitranche Financing

Introduction The borrower of this type of loan pays a mixed interest rate which is between the rate of the senior debt and that of...

Return On Common Equity Formula

Introduction Return on common shareholders' equity can be calculated by dividing the company's net earnings after preferred dividends (net earnings: preferred shares) by total common...

Amortization Date Meaning

Introduction Amortization Date means the first of the following days: (i) the business day immediately preceding the occurrence of an Event of Bankruptcy with respect...

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